Priority Electronics got its start manufacturing copper cable products. We still do it the best! We specialize in all types of assemblies from LAN Ethernet cabling to high count (1800pr) cabling. Quality and quick turn around are the keys to our success. Don't hesitate to call if you require more information, or if you don't see exactly what you're looking for!

We are proud to offer the following:

  • All types of copper cable assemblies
  • RF Cable Assemblies all styles of connector and cable
  • Protection Panels - wirewrapping and MS2 connectors
  • Overmolding Capabilities
  • OEM Manufacturing and Private Labeling
  • Hot Stamping, Braiding and Ultrasonic Splicing Capabilities
  • Telco Assemblies
  • Cat 6 Patch Cables (Ind Shielded, Overall Shielded and UTP)
  • Cat 5E Patch Cables
  • RF Cable Assemblies (PIM Test Results Available)
  • RS232 Assemblies
  • V.35 Assemblies
  • SCSI Assemblies
  • Ribbon Cable Assemblies
  • Alcatel Certified
  • 50 & 64 pos'n Telco Assemblies
  • Bantam Assemblies
  • Amphenol Assemblies