Priority Electronics Ltd. goes to great lengths to insure the highest quality product.pe3 no white

Priority Electronics Ltd. and PELUSA (Priority Electronics USA) are North American companies that research, design and manufacture state-of-the-art connectivity solutions for the global communications industry. With over 30 years experience of exceeding customer needs, more and more companies are turning to Priority Electronics Ltd. and PELUSA to "Make the Priority Connection."

We utilize advanced manufacturing and test equipment to insure the highest quality products. Singlemode assemblies are manufactured to the Telcordia GR-326-CORE specification "issue 4" or better. All assemblies are 100% tested for insertion loss and return loss. The assembly department at Priority is comprised of a large staff dedicated to fast turn around and quality. We employ several automated fiber optic strippers which ensures that all cable components are prepared to stringently controlled specifications.  Priority utilizes several mass production polishers capable of polishing large quantities of connectors while maintaining visual inspection and geometry criteria. We are capable of polishing all popular styles of connectors currently available to the industry. Priority is capable of testing singlemode assemblies at either 1310, 1550 or both. All assemblies are visually inspected prior to final packaging. This ensures that all endfaces are free of defects. We make use of several interferometers to insure that endface geometry specifications are adhered to.pe2 no white

Priority works closely with OEMs to meet their wiring harness needs! With more than thirty years experience in the manufacture of copper cable assemblies Priority is capable of manufacturing custom wiring harness to exacting specifications with virtually any connector style! RS232, Coax, Panduit® Mascon, Deutsch, Delphi, Molex, power connectors, ribbon assemblies, Bix® connectors and many, many more may be incorporated into wiring harnesses. Nothing is too complex, and all harnesses are fully tested and built to your exact specifications!