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24 Fiber MT ferrule assemblies

Priority has added the 24 fiber MT ferrule to its repertoire of MPO assemblies. Available in SM low loss manufactured on duplex 24 fiber round patchcord. Available as MPO to MPO or in hybrid assemblies (MPO-SC or MPO-LC etc)  


FTTx-PON-CabinetPriority is proud to announce that we are manufacturing PON cabinets to meet the rigors of the northern climate. Complete with temperature hardened 1x32 splitter modules and densities of up to 576 subscribers.    

MDU Enclosure Family-Priority has added seven enclosures

for use in the ever evolving MDU marketplace. For subscriber densities of  2 to 192. A variety of options for indoor and outdoor installation.    


What's Up and Coming

Passive Intermodulation Testing of RF assemblies PIM is a growing issue for cellular network operators. PIM issues may occur as existing equipment ages, when co-locating new carriers, or when installing new equipment. PIM is a particular issue when overlaying (diplexing) new carriers into old antenna runs.

PIM can create interference that will reduce a cell’s receive sensitivity or even block calls. This interference can affect both the cell that creates it, as well as other nearby receivers. PIM is created by high transmitter power so on-site PIM testing needs to be done at or above the original transmitter power levels to make sure that the test reveals any PIM issues.

PIM is a serious issue for cellular operators wanting to maximize their network’s reliability, data rate, capacity, and return on investment. It is worth noting that PIM testing does not replace impedance-based line sweeps, rather, it complements line sweeping, which is now more important than ever.

Priority Electronics is proud to announce the acquisition of the Anritsu ® PIM Master TM High-Performance Passive Intermodulation Analyzer. Priority is now able to offer RF Cable assemblies 100% PIM tested. 7/16 Din and N type connectors on a variety of cable styles.