Telect is a worldwide manufacturer of connectivity equipment for the communications industries. Although the company began in 1982 simply as a custom cable operation, today it has evolved into a global solutions provider with a product line as diverse as the customers it serves. With partners such as Priority Electronics, Telect focuses its energy on combining efforts to continually meet the communications equipment needs of customers. Telect's founders launched the company on the principles of exceptional customer satisfaction, and Telect defines quality as "meeting or exceeding the needs and expectations of the customer." These values remain in place today, and a continued dedication to ISO-9001 certification further supports Telect's commitment to quality. Telect's 30-plus years of experience in the telecommunications connectivity industry helps create a special mix of capabilities with Priority Electronics. Core Telect products include fiber optic and digital connectivity equipment, power distribution panels, integrated access DCS systems, and audio/video signal management products. Teaming with Priority Electronics for fiber assemblies and other components creates an experienced and skilled alliance with a unique dedication to customers.